Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment

A couple purchased a rundown penthouse with a beautiful view of the Dan region and Mediterranean, sought to completely renovate and create a modern prestigious and impressive home.

The penthouse was tiled with concrete -like large floor tiles and special focus was placed on the kitchen design. A center island was placed to serve as a work surface and high wall cabinets for the pantry, refrigerator and stove.

The living room was designed with an exceptional wooden wall, impressive furniture and the design was completed with prestigious accessories to create a luxurious and pleasant atmosphere.

The parents’ room, walk in wardrobe and shower were small and crowded. Meticulous planning and design provided a large open space with en-suite shower and a large wardrobe with integral television replaced the walk in wardrobe.

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Photograph by Nadav Paket


















































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  • Date : 01.01.2018