Luxury Apartment

Luxury Apartment

Special, upscale, and gentle … It was the client’s design definition for her and her daughter’s new apartment. The customer wanted to incorporate uncompromising quality items in the house with the most contemporary design.

Throughout the public space, large floor tiles were applied in concrete color.

The living room furniture is in gray and pink velvet along with iron art work on the wall.

A velvety silk rug frames the living room with unique metal tables on it.

A library designed by Shlomi Butansky the designer, incorporates metal, glass shelves and wood with carefully selected accessories on it.

In the kitchen, tall cabinets conceal an integral fridge and the entire island covered with impressive Dekton marble.

Above it is a lighting fixture which is a central piece of jewelry in the kitchen.

A zero-line door leads to the laundry balcony.

The bathroom combines gray tiles with black accessories and a pink sink cabinet that highlight the space.

For the benefit of the master bedroom, two bedrooms and a bathroom were combined into a one large room containing a spacious walk-in closet, a transparent white-profile bathroom and round-line furniture on a fishbone application parquet.

In the girls’ rooms gentle wallpaper, TV closet and supplementary textiles were applied.On the terrace outdoor furniture and vegetation that allow for luxurious accommodation.

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Photograph by Joel Alioua


  • Date : 01.08.2018