3 Bedroom apartment underwent a massive renovation to suit a young family, in which the bedrooms were moved from the front of the house to the back of the house to allow a quiet sleep for the tenants, the kitchen and the living room were transferred to the front facing the street.

Parquet was applied throughout the house along with modern furniture and accessories that are not afraid of color.

In the living room wrinkled sofa with an iconic library, pink armchairs and curtains that add softness and warmth.

The kitchen in a concrete-like finish with a unique application tiles that adds to the clean look.

In the bedroom, the bedside wall was cut and painted in turquoise blue and ornaments were hanged on it, along with matching velvet curtains.

In the bathtub parquet-style flooring in “fishbone” application climbs from floor to the main wall.

The guest room is inviting and pampering for a full hospitality, and in the baby’s room pictures that add style and humor.

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Photograph by Joel Alioua


  • Date : 01.10.2017