I met this lovely family, two and a half years before they moved into their new home.

The design of an apartment that starts well before the family actually move in is always challenging. Many decisions need to be made before the actual house is seen; therefore, it is vitally important to plan wisely, whilst addressing the changing needs of the family. To have a better understanding of the space at hand, I built a three-dimensional image of the apartment, enabling the clients to “take a tour” of their new home way before construction commenced and to give them a better understanding of the design plans.

Another challenge here was trying to meet needs of both owners who each preferred completely different styles! The husband was more into modern and minimalist while the wife preferred the classic/country style. To connect these two different worlds I created an eclectic design both modern and innovative with a mix of decorative classical/ country elements – providing a positive answer for both.

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Photograph by Joel Alioua


  • Date : 01.09.2017