A charming family who purchased a contractor’s apartment asked me to plan and design it in their favorite modern country style.

We already started planning when the foundations were excavated, two years ago. The first task was to maximize the living room and kitchen, which was relatively small in size and didn’t allow optimal and comfortable space for the sofa and TV. So, I decided to integrate the TV into a wooden island kitchen cabinet that I designed allowing for plenty of space to move around. The combination of wood complimented and gave a warmer feeling to the marble counter top. Unique straw design wallpaper decorates the living room wall together with the electric shutters.  The bathrooms were tiled with decorative ceramics together with custom-made cabinets in accordance with the design of the rest of the house. The use of pastel colors along with wooden cornice produces and enhances a soft, rural look throughout the bedrooms.

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Photograph by Joel Alioua


  • Date : 01.04.2017