House & Apartment Interior Design

Have you purchased an apartment? Planning on renovating? So where do you start? Firstly, contact me!

Apartment planning requires careful regarding the way the household functions, needs, desires, budget and a harmonic design…..and that’s where I come in! I will be by your side from the earliest stages of the project. I’ll offer you consultation on technical specifications before signing a purchase agreement for a new apartment from a contractor and advice before buying a home that you plan to renovate whilst identifying the potential and design options.

Together we’ll design your new home, divide the space, place furniture, plan electrics and lighting, design a functional kitchen, bathrooms etc.

I use advanced imaging software that allows you to visualize your new home before spending a penny on construction and home improvement costs.  I’ll accompany you in choosing the kitchen, sanitary amenities, flooring and cladding, furniture and basically everything you need to ensure a beautiful and breathtaking new home. I’ll assist you during all stages of construction and renovation and personally ensure that the contractor will stick to the designs we have together planned and ensure that the end product is exactly what you hoped and dreamed of. I am with you every step of the way with personal and friendly service right up to the finishing touch of hanging the last picture up in your new home!

I invite you to view and explore apartments that have designed in my Project Gallery

Business Design

Office, shop or restaurant design aims to be a rib support in the sales process and the customer’s purchase experience.

Businesses require a special design that convey the experience that we wish to create for our clients and employees whilst branding ,  marketing and strategizing for the business.

I’ll accompany you in formulating the design concept of space, choice of materials, three-dimensional imaging and remodeling your business.

During the design process I use unique materials that create innovative spaces yet to be seen in Israel .

Contact me to arrange an introductory meeting

Architecture and interior design, can I ask a question?

Want to make a small change, but you’re not sure if it’s right or not?

Do you have a design problem that requires a professional?

Want to redesign just one room in your house and afraid to make a mistake?

It is possible to hold a consultation on the subject of interior design and architecture according to an hourly rate,  in which I will provide solutions , advice and professional guidance.

The meeting will take place in your home or office, as you choose.

I also offer a daily “Chaperon” service where I assist you in selecting the right materials for your home.

So don’t get in a rutt- Consult!

Contact me today to arrange a consultation

























































































































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