Character and beauty

A warm and charming family that bought a home for renovation, asked me to design it to reflect them-full of character warmth and taste just like they have.

The apartment has 4 bedroom. After a joint thought, it was decided to expand one room to the living room, in order to expend the living area, and to create another seating area for a casual.

Decorated in an eclectic style, the house combines modern touches along with classic lines.

In the center of the living room there is a gold bookcase that serves as the jewel of the house and creates a slight separation between the two seating areas.

The kitchen is paved with a unique porcelain tiles, in shades of gray and black, which connect to the parquet, and like born from it and climb to the walls.

For the purpose of dressing the house, many pictures and accessories were collected from various stores domestic and abroad.


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Photograph by Joel Aliou


  • Date : 16.12.2017