Client Reviews

Ravid & Tal Berman – Contractor Appartment Moshav Matzliach

“Dear and Talented Shlomi, it’s amazing how a chance encounter two years ago resulted in such a good, happy and fun friendship, not to mention the design and love !!! So where do we start ?  … We met Shlomi totally by chance, from the first few moments just clicked, and we knew that this was just the start of a great friendship. There are no words to conjure up and describe your talent, thanks to you, we have a dream home exactly as we imagined and fantasized about. Together we experienced an amazing and fun process where you completely understood our desires and we moved along step by step into making our dream a reality!!! Everything was done in such an awesome atmosphere!!! So we really wanted to say thank you so much for everything!!! We wish you every success in the future and that you continue to grow and succeed in what obviously is your natural gift and talent, for you the sky is the limit!!!!

Best regards!!!! The Bermans”

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Yona & Yaacov Vidas  – apartment in Ramat Gan:

“Dear Shlomi, it’s time to say a big thank to an awesome professional. First and foremost thank you for being you! It was such a pleasure to meet a kind, down to earth, pleasant, relaxed (and relaxing), attentive, professional with a lot of charm.

I admit that at first were had quite a few concerns, but once I decided to “go with the flow” of your amazing ideas, the result was fantastic.

Your design was precise and professional, and you literally thought about every detail from start to finish.

Thank you for your professional guidance in purchasing just the right items to “dress the house” with. Thanks for your availability, patience and perseverance, thanks for being there every step of the way. Thanks to you and your talent and experience, we live in a home with a spectacular effect. ”



Noa Batat – apartment in Ramat Gan:

“Dear Shlomi, After a long road we made it 🙂 I would like to say thank you!!! Thank you for professionalism, patience, service and good taste without compromise. Love and appreciate a lot!

Noa Batat. “


Eitan & Amir Kaminski Shtemer- Tower Apartment in Tel Aviv

“Shlomi, a friend and a super talented designer, has designed us a tower apartment, a challenge in itself – Starting from storage space in a small apartment that was planned and designed well,

to his adaptation to our love- retro design with modern touches.

Every guest visiting our home, asks us who designed it, Understand and appreciate that the hand of an artist touched it.

Shlomi sees the challenges of the project as a whole: the owners, storage spaces, the practical design, and ultimately overall design and spaces. We highly recommend and love!”

Sharon & Nissim  Asayag- New Villa Rishon LeTzion

“Dear Shlomi, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you and express our appreciation.  We realized your professional abilities when meeting you in August 2014 when we purchased an apartment in Nahalat Yehuda Rishon Le’Tzion. From the first time we met, it was clear to us that you are the perfect person for the job! Right from the very first meeting you gave us a feeling of stability and that we are in good hands. We totally put our trust in you and appreciated your personal taste and profession advice. You chose the exact design without the need for us having to disregard our personal taste. You have turned our new home into one we are proud of, a stunning home. Thank you.

With Love, the Asayag Family.”


Daniel & Motty Ben Shimol- contractor’s apartment in Israel Center

“Dear Shlomi …. Wow! How two or more years have passed. The journey started when our dream was just a plan on paper and simulations on the computer screen, and today we live in that exact dream. A dream that you helped make come true. You created an enchanting house with a magical atmosphere just like what we dreamed of, and making dreams come true is not an easy task to say the least. Days of searching and having doubts. You doing the choosing, us puzzling, you insisting and in the end, we being convinced 🙂 We enjoyed every moment of the journey with you. You made yourself available at any given moment, any consultation or crazy design idea that came to mind and helped balance things. In short, it was certainly a special experience to work with you!  Beyond the fact that you are a designer, you have a great sense of humor and are kind, tolerant and considerate. We very much enjoyed spending entire days with you. We want to genuinely thank you for the amazing result. Thanks to you, everyone who visits our house does nothing but compliment!  We wish you every success in continuing to making dreams a reality for other families. If you think this is a parting gesture ….you are wrong!  All our respect and gratitude, Daniel and Motty”


Shelly & Arie Reshkas –  Contractor Penthouse in Herzliya

“All those seeking to find an interior designer and want to get honest unbiased reviews on Shlomi, this recommendation is for you.  We met Shlomi totally by chance,  or rather fate, when he turned up with the tenants that we sold our old apartment to and the rest is history! It was love at first sight and we of course immediately recruited him to design our new apartment.

Beyond the state of the art design ideas Shlomi came up with,  he demonstrated responsibility and dedication, pouring his entire soul into the project as if it were his own home. From planning the electrical layout, to tiling the floor, onsite inspection and buying furniture, we relied on Shlomi’s judgment every step of the way.

So of course we very strongly recommend Shlomi as a faithful professional to both his work and his clients ”


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Lilac & Michael Rabinovitz- refurbished villa in Herzliya:

“Dear Shlomi, we want to thank you! For your professionalism, guidance, insistence, investment, and care during the planning and guidance of our renovations. The house came out beautifully, just as we dreamed of and every time we walk through the door, our hearts are filled with warmth.

You’re a great guy and a true professional, and there is no doubt that you have left your mark in our home (a mark with a lot of circles). We hope you continue to be successful in designing outstanding homes!

From all of us – the Rabinovitz family ”


Dalia & Hertzel Zilca- renovation Givatayim

“Dear Shlomi Butansky, We would like to sincerely thank you for the bliss and satisfaction that you have brought us. .

Many good people warned us that the apartment renovation project will be exhausting, tiring and may even damage our health and relationship. We have to say, not only that we enjoy the results, but we enjoyed the entire process of the project. It goes without saying that your pleasant personality and professional understanding greatly contributed to our pleasure during the project and even more so with the result.

We’d like to note that despite our strong suspicions before the start of this large renovation project we most definitely class you as a champion composer of the winning result.

This is a strange case in which “the opponent” wins and we as the losers sweetly enjoy the “opponent’s” victory ” ….

Not only do we class you as the grand composer of the project but also composer of the main contractor, electrical contractor and other subcontractors, many of whom we employed and also the assorted businesses where we purchased products for the project. We learnt that everyone you deal with appreciates and admires your design and planning abilities and your ability to see the finished product in the early stages of the project.

We really feel that we live in a completely new and different apartment that is fun and modern, just like living in the Presidential Suite of a five star hotel!  We are very proud of our apartment and the way it turned out, it feels wonderful. Wishing you every success in doing good for others and hope that you enjoy and have fun with them. ”


Tlalit & Guy Cohen –  Penthouse Holon

“Shlomi is a charming person, responsible, clean, tidy and punctual, I really, really enjoyed working with him. It’s true that we had differences in certain things but we always met half way and worked together in cooperation. He was always supportive and helpful; one of the best decisions was to hire him and the result….a perfect home. When we arrived to see the penthouse I went straight to the bedroom that was originally very small and one of the reasons that’s I did not want to buy the house. Shlomi promised to plan a master bedroom, and the result was absolutely perfect. Only a designer with a vision can provide the such contemporary and practical designs as Shlomi has done.  I have a gorgeous house, Shlomi insisted on things that at first, I really wasn’t keen on and I’m glad that he was so insistent. I am very satisfied”


Tikva & Victor Azrih- Bat Yam Renovation

“Shlomi was warmly recommended to me by my son in law. Shlomi accompanied us throughout the entire renovation of the apartment and was completely at our disposal. The project also included the design and planning of a new kitchen and shower,  in accordance with our requests and needs. His professional attitude and creativity have created an impressive result and a wonderful feeling. We constantly receive compliments and strongly recommend hiring Shlomi ”


 Alon & Shlomi Biran- Contarctor Apartment in Petach Tikva

“To work with Shlomi is an experience! We contacted him to design and plan our apartment, and we each wanted a different style. Shlomi gave us creative answers that responded to both of our various requests while maintaining high standards and style.

It was a pleasure and fun to work with you both personally and professionally, you have brought us both to the exact point that we each wanted!”


Adi and Harel Uliel – villa renovation in Tel Aviv:

Dear Shlomi, I wanted to thank you for the crazy time we spent together in renovating our house. It began before the purchase when you came to see the property and you said immediately: “There is potential.” I was a tough customer, challenging, opinionated but full of style! I knew exactly what I wanted and then you knew how to come and  show me the exact opposite and even convince me. And the most amazing thing is that you were right. I am thankful for the moment i choose you and your amazing team for my life project❤

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