Butansky Interior Design & Architect is an exclusive firm that turns design dreams and fantasies into reality whilst ensuring comfort, accessibility and maximizing space.

The firm was founded and is managed by Shlomi Butansky, who specializes in designing residential apartments and villas that require renovation or are newly constructed, luxury residences, businesses and residential complex lobbies.

Shlomi is an outstandingly talented and creative interior designer with a particularly distinguished personal flair and ability to personally connect to people.

Shlomi is gifted with sharp and precise senses, is patient and gives clients a sense of security whilst perfectly planning and implementing immaculate designs beyond compare. Shlomi’s repertoire includes professional publications of his designs and projects in various renowned magazines, digital media and television, he also lectures on architecture and design at academies and privately.

The firm aims in designing, impressive and practical environments that express customer’s personal styles whilst providing creative, original and innovative solutions tailored to their needs and budget.

Guiding and accompanying projects to the stage of identifying the right property for clients, managing and overseeing renovation or construction projects together with customers to the final stages of design  and  until the last picture is hung on the wall.

Shlomi Butansky believes in building a mutual trust that enables optimal design options in order to fulfill clients’ dreams and make them reality. His expertise and in-depth understanding of contemporary materials used to design spaces, allows customers to focus their choice of durable products that provide a longe life expectancy and need minimal maintenance. A selection of professional craftsmen that work with him in various projects, each specialize in their field thus ensuring products made to the highest of standards.

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